Monday, June 30, 2014

York Rite Kabbalah

I'm not sure if anyone will understand this except for me.  The system of York Rite Masonry fits perfectly with the Kabbalah both in the steps taken and the theme of each degree aligning with the meanings of the Sephirot.

Chesed = 1° Entered Apprentice - Loving-kindness (Youth)
Gevurah = 2° Fellowcraft - Severity/strength (Manhood)
Netzach = 3° Master Mason - Eternity (Sprig of Acacia)
Binah = 4° Mark Master Mason - Understanding (The stone which the builders rejected)
Chokhmah = 5° Virtual Past Master - Wisdom (King Solomon)
Hod = 6° Most Excellent Master - Splendor (Completion & Dedication of Temple)
Tiferet = 7° Royal Arch Mason - Beauty (Revelation of the Ineffable)
Malkhut = 8° Royal Master - Kingdom (Mortality, Clay Ground between Succoth and Zeredatha)
Yesod = 9° Select Master - Foundation (The foundation stone, depositing into the earth.)
Da'at = Illustrious Order of the Red Cross of Babylon (Not a Degree, not a Sephirah) - Integrative Knowledge (Zerubbabel, Crossing the Bridge)

A Mason prudent in observational skills will observe certain physical correspondences between the steps of Freemasonry with reference to the location of the Sephirot on the tree and its paths (certainly not a hollow comparison, but one that squares precisely with at least the earlier forms of the degrees, before they were modified in certain jurisdictions to accommodate the needs of the extremely aged. I don't mean to be a heel by blaming the elderly for this, but one who hasn't dipped their toes into the symbolism of a rite should not modify it on a whim in the name of convenience.)