Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Spiral

The Spiral, by Jeff Day

Within a company of friends,
I tread upon ambitious feet,
I trust the hand that leads me round,
For wise o'erseers to meet--

Strike! Once we pass.

The words of fellows long since gone,
Echo, coursing through our halls,
Sacred writ have they become,
To countless generations' souls--

Strike! Twice we pass.

Ascending up the grand stairway,
A lesson learned each step,
'Tis only here harmoniously,
That earth and heaven's wisdom's kept--

Strike! Thrice we pass.

'Twas here the first of all proclaimed:
This upright spiral knows no end.

Take, Work, Teach.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Apologies about aggregator confusion!

I need to apologize, for the past ten days or so, has been having troubles with the way it was caching articles, making it appear to some people (depending on the exact url you were viewing the site with) that no new articles were showing up. This has been corrected, and I admonish you to please re-read all the articles from December 10th up until today that you may have missed.

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Sentinel

The Sentinel, by Jeff Day

Charged with a duty to perform,
I stay alert, watching.

From eventime till bright next morn;
My fellows 'proach me, talking.

Hail Friend! I call and bid
Them 'vance and give the countersign.

This they do, I let them through,
Whe'er face is new, or hundredth time.

But if they fail, words cannot tell,
The fate which in them glowers.

Tis honor which hath 'stablished this,
And proves me in all hours.

For brother, son, friend, prince or king
I make not one exception.

But woodland creatures large and small
Are welcome to reception.

The First Step

The First Step, by Jeff Day

Bound, cold, and alone,
Within the cell I wait,
To find my destiny.

Four years of training done,
The path ahead is straight,
Though scared, my heart is free.

Three raps, a soft echo,
Not one second late,
Two come to walk with me,
And take me to the gate.

Beyond, a vision rests,
Of life, love and tempest,
A cloistered gathering.

Ringing thrice the gong,
No more will I prolong,
The sacred primal chore.

Hark, yonder sir! I hear,
Step in this boat, and fear
No enemy nor foe,
Stay calm now as we row.

And to the isle we pass,
Moored safely, I proclaim,
Intent to join their ranks.

A firm but steady grasp,
To greater heights we aim,
And climb the steepened banks.

A solid slab of rock,
I'm cast down without shame,
And press my head in thanks,
To speak the oath and name,

With fellows of great fame.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Masonic News

I'd like to remind everyone to keep an eye on the useful "Freemasonry in the News" tap that is available on the home page of It's in the right hand column about half way down the page. It pulls a list of the most relevant recent articles from real online newspapers that mention Freemasonry, Scottish Rite, or York Rite, kindly provided by our friends at Google.

Speaking of Google, have you tried the Masonic Light Search at the top left of the page? It pulls from a number of hand selected Masonic information websites to help give more relevant results on Masonic topics than a standard Google search.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Upgraded to Blogger Beta

I just upgraded ALL of my blogs to Blogger Beta. I also added a Library feature on my sidebar here to showcase some of the Books that at least *I* find to be Masonic.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Our Brother the "Jared of Wii"

I recently posted on Brother Ryan Mercer's Wii gaming experience. Well, today he's attained one more level of fame by being featured in an interview with Forbes. Check it out!