Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Top 5 Posts in the Blogging Quarries

I need to apologize, because the "Last Seven Days" results on the Top Ranked Posts at King Solomon's Lodge have been broken for the last week or more. I accidentally had them programmed to show results OLDER than 7 days instead of within the last 7 days. Which was dramatically different (but at the time I initially added the results, made no difference, since we only had a little bit of voting data.)

The new improved and actually working results are now online:

Top 5 Masonic Posts in the Last Seven Days

At the time of my writing this, Prince Hall Recognition in Ontario is in the lead. 'Tis well.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Masonic Clipart

Ok, so I went a little crazy and stayed up all night drawing more Masonic Emblems:

(See the Full Collection Here)

The Order of Knight Masons (Top Left)
The Order of the Red Branch of Eri (Bottom Left, part of Allied Masonic Degrees)
Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests (Center)
The Red Cross of Constantine (Top Right)
York Rite Sovereign College (Bottom Right)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thumbs Down to Thumbs Down

By the irresponsible actions of a few voters, I have been forced to implement a new policy for Thumbs Down votes on KingSolomonsLodge.org. When you attempt to vote down a post you will now be greeted by this warning:

By voting against this post you are expressing that it is not a topic of Masonic interest. If you disagree with the post, you should instead not vote at all. Repeated violations to this guidline will be grounds to drop your voting privilege. Are you sure you want to vote down this post?

In order to make this policy consistent, all Thumbs Down votes previous to this policy being in place have been nullified. The idea of Voting on KSL was to help improve the flow of Masonic content and be able to recognize excellent content, not to insult our fellow bloggers and Masons.

This policy will be strictly enforced. Thus, there should be no negative numbers for any Masonic-related post. If there is, it will be investigated and dealt with accordingly.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Announcing Post Voting

I'm proud to announce that KingSolomonsLodge.org now supports post voting. You can vote on your favorite posts, and vote down any posts you feel are counter-productive to the aggregator.

This data is saved even after the post scrolls off the bottom of the feed, so in the future, I may implement "all time highest ranked articles" or "best article in the last 30 days" or other things like that. This will allow us to help the creme of the crop rise to the top so that new users will find the best Masonic content possible.

Now, go vote!

P.S. You ARE allowed to vote your own posts. Please do so to help indicate when you feel you've written something particularly snazzy. #