Tuesday, January 13, 2009

While in strange or mixed company, do not let fall the least sign or token...


I have, over the course of the past year, seen two infractions of the injunction we receive that when in strange or mixed company we be careful not to let fall the least sign or token whereby the secrets of Freemasonry might be unlawfully obtained.

I have intentionally waited to address this issue, so that my post here would not further the revealment of what ought to be concealed by drawing undue attention to it, but now, after much pause, I speak up:

The nature of the infraction I have seen has been that of photographs taken in open lodge, which have since been "innocently" posted on the web, in which one or more Masons are making the due-guard or penal sign of a degree somewhere in the photo. I am familiar with other societies in which cameras are strictly forbidden to enter the area used for private rituals, and I am thankful that our fraternity does permit the use of cameras, in a majority of cases, to make a visual record of our events, when the time is appropriate. When taking a photo in Lodge, we need to be careful and considerate of what we are taking a photograph of, not just our subject, but of everyone and everything in the background thereof.  If we are not careful, we, on a Lodge or Grand Lodge basis, could lose the privilege of taking photos during our meetings.

I hope this will be received as a caution and counsel, and not as a chastisement.  Take due notice, and govern yourselves accordingly.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Why is a branch of the KKK trying to use our symbol?

Why is a branch of the KKK trying to use the Triple Tau, a symbol whose historic evolution is well documented to be part of the Holy Royal Arch Degree of the Antients Grand Lodge of England?  Not only that, but they are using explanations of the symbol on their web site which are taken from Masonic authors.

I really think they should come up with their own symbol.  Masonry teaches the Universal Brotherhood of Man, and ought to regard all men as equals regardless of race.