Monday, July 17, 2006

Women's Rites

My wife is a bit jealous of Masonry. She wants a rite that she can participate in, filled with enthusiasm and at least moderately young women. OES and Amaranth don't appeal to her in any way - she sees them as groups of old ladies who like to dress up in gowns. She wants something that Women can run on their own, that has benefits akin to a ritual fraternity, but with a feminine appeal. I should be clear here that she does not want Co-Masonry, as she considers it clandestine and doesn't think women want the same type of rite as men. Does anyone know of any groups that might meet her needs? In the meantime, she has begun a purposeful social study of the one thing she knows attracts young women: Wicca. By studying Wicca, she hopes to dissect it and learn what it is that attracts the fairer sex to it, in order to blatantly borrow these items, gut out the religious aspects of it that cause it to have conflict with adherants to other faiths, and use what is left as a foundation upon which to build the sorority which she seeks after.

If anyone else is interested in helping her, or knows of anything remotely close to meeting this "need", she'll be keeping an eye on the comments to this post.

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