Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Do we need to disassociate with OES?

Darren Simpson's Blog quoted an article by James Downing that I found interesting. However, I was a bit distressed by this portion of the reporter's description of the Lodge room:
The lodge looks simple on the outside, but walk up a flight of stairs and you will find yourself in an ornate meeting room.

A throne on the east wall sits below a pentagram adorned with Masonic symbols. The Worshipful Master -- the head of the lodge -- sits on the throne, according to Galloway.

I'm actually not one to stand up against Pentagrams. In fact, there was one on my own wedding invitation. But, I know a lot of good men would be put off by such a prominent depiction of a pentagram above a throne in a society they are considering joining. But wait, the Pentagram isn't part of the Masonic furnishings... The only thing I can think of, is that OES had an Eastern Star pentagram suspended above the Master's chair. Probably unlit, but it attracted preening eyes of the reporter more than the letter-G (most likely mounted above the pentagram). Since Lodge wasn't opened, neither one was lit. This has now been published and raises red flags for anyone who reads it and has only the popular understanding of the symbol in mind.

Should we try to disassociate with OES and get it out of our lodges? Or maybe we should require OES's pentagram to be draped with a covering when not in use so that it does not create confusion, nor distract from Masonic degree work.


Anonymous said...

Brother Jeff,

I'm not an OES member but, my understanding is that it is not intended to be a depiction of a pentegram but of the Eastern Star that shown in the east at the birth of Jesus, thus the point of the star pointing down to the mananger.

I don't believe "pentagram" is an accurate description. Maybe a member of the OES can give you more info.

Tim Bonney

Jeff said...


A pentagram is literally a figure with five points. (Compare to a pentagon which has five SIDES) There is no getting around that it is technically a pentagram. (It may not, however, be considered a pentacle depending on how you interpret that word, sometimes defined the same way). Also, the star at the birth of Jesus was in the WEST, not in the East. The oriental kings ("wise men from the east") saw his star [while they were] in the east, and followed it "westward leading, still proceeding" as the old song says, until they reached Jerusalem.

The star with a point down is not the wise men's star, but rather venus, "the morning star", with the point down indicating that it draws its light from the sun which is still below the horizon. It announces that the sun will soon rise in the east.

Anonymous said...

I can't really discuss OES ritual in detail since I'm not a member. I just know what I've been told by members. I know you are right about the location of the star from the perspective of the Wisemen. But, is that the perspective of the OES? Looking from the "Holy Land" the star wouldn't appear to be a western star since it was "over the manger."

But, ritual isn't always accurate either. Do you have information as to what the OES considers the star to represent? Does it follow your interpretation of the star being Venus? (As a non-member, just curious and don't know.)

Tim Bonney

Tubal Cain said...

dissassociate with them, they control their husbands who usually are men in control of the blue lodge, so who runs the blue lodge?

An incomming master brought up not doing a X-mas party with the stars, and the comments from the men, where it would be politacal suicide!
I'm glad I fled that lodge

Widow's Son said...

I found it amusing Bro. Bonney said a star wasn't a pentagram. That symbol on North Korea's flag, pentagram. Those fifty symbols on the American flag, pentagrams. The symbol of the Church of Satan, pentagram. With a smiley face inside it's a symbol for Hardie's fast food. And it's used by many sheriff's departments. And the Hollywood Walk of Fame is covered with them. And yes, it's the symbol the government won't let be put on dead Wiccan soldiers gravestones in military cemetaries.

And to think, once upon a time, you could trust your car to the man who wears the star. Um, I mean, pentagram.

Widow's Son
The King of Pentacles

Tubal Cain said...

i also notice that most GL officers from my neck of the woods are OES.
who controls Blue Lodge masonry?

Anonymous said...

We would hope that the Craft Lodges control Blue Lodge Masonry! OES, SR, RA, etc...are all appendant bodies and should "control" nothing. Actually, the whole thing is moot anyway - the Master rules and governs his lodge.....the internet is so entertaining...

Genie said...

tubulcain420 Don't be so quick to "disassociate" with OES until you know more about us. Petition a Chapter in your jurisdiction if you're a Mason....I think you'll be surprised at what you find. We would welcome you as our "Brother".

Anonymous said...

Ok ...Listen here ... I AM a member of the eastern star and the pentagram is not meant to be anything satanic ... Our Worthy Patron is also the Master Mason of his blue lodge. The star represents 5 things that i can not tell you due to my vow to my order. They are not evil, they are not devil worshiping rituals, and they are most definatley not trying to take over the masonic lodges. We are blessed that the lodge members let us use their chapter room for our ritualistic work. They support us because many of the lodge members who are also OES members know that the OES is a good organization. And they communicate that to their fellow Brothers.

Victorian Star said...

I don't think that you should disassociate with OES but I will say this. There are some very valid points that were brought up here. I am a member of OES and I have seen Brothers controlled by Sisters. If Brothers *some, NOT ALL* would not try to make sex partners out of their Sisters then we wouldn't have this part of the problem. When a man runs behind a woman to simply lay with her then he compromises what he stands for in the Blue Lodge. That is not her fault, it is his own for poor judgement. I treat my Brothers with the utmost respect and I yield to them though I am Worthy Matron because I trust my Patron's judgement so much. I would never publically challenge him but rather I'd pull him to the side later and have my say. That is the way I was raised, it has nothing to do with the Masonic Fraternity and the Order. Some Brothers need to remember why they decided to join any house thy belong to.

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