Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Virtual Lodge Tour

With the help of my wife, I have started a project to make a Virtual "Lodge Tour" on the web. I know this sort of thing has been done before, but I'm trying to think in more ambitious terms... As a web developer with some skill at doing interactive interfaces, I am planning to make a Lodge room that can be manipulated and explored on the web that will serve to acquaint a person with Freemasonry as well as its various appendant organizations.

Here's a "still" preview picture of the furniture and widgets we've drawn up so far (click to enlarge):

I plan on making the furniture re-arrangeable to make it possible to represent variations between jurisdictions: for example, we are even designing a triangle 3-candle stand since some jurisdictions place all three of the tapers together.

Well, what do y'all think? A worthwhile endeavor?

Update: I've made the piano a smaller model so that the Senior Deacon's chair isn't forced to be out so far because of it, so now the candidates won't have to stub their toes. :-)


munkholt said...

Nice. The more re-arrangeable the furniture and features, the more useful it will be, obivously.

Anonymous said...

Will it be rotatable, so elevations can be seen?

Anonymous said...

Bro. Jeff,

After reading your profile, I see more thangs in common than just one. Though in my Ward we generally cut a lot of chickens on rocks. I guess that's the difference between East and West?

Jeff said...


Nice to hear from you. Unfortunately we are not rendering the room in 3D. There are other 3D lodge rooms floating around on the Internet, and we opted to go for a more beautiful 2D rendering instead of sacrificing the image fidelity to make a 3D model.

If you want to talk about some of the things we have in common, feel free to drop me an note, info at kingsolomonslodge d0t org.

Susan Graham said...

Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

barn wood furniture said...

my heart skipped a beat! these are soooo beautiful! they aren't my fave style, but what you did with them is incredible. you are seriously talented, and never undervalue yourself just to make sales- know your worth in this world! the right customers always do come along, given time. and don't you want your pieces to go to the right people who will LOVE them and appreciate them like you do? of course ya do.

Susan Graham

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