Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wow! A petitioner!

I bought a Masonic T-Shirt, and wore it in public for just one day. I got two inquiries that day as to its meaning, one of them, from a person I had been acquainted with by business dealings in the past, turned into a request for a petition.

The shirt I was wearing was my "Seeking Further Light" York Rite shirt, available from my merchandise blog, however, any shirt would probably do just as well. I recommend getting one of your liking.

My rationale to consider shirts to begin with is that rings and jewelry such as tie-tacks used to be the day-to-day way to express yourselves in the late 1800's. We've kept the tradition of the Masonic ring, but this way of expression has been mostly superseded by messages on T-Shirts and bumper stickers -- they stand out more, and are more likely to be noticed.

I consider it a success. 1 day, 1 petitioner -- and a good one, at that. I don't expect to keep such a perfect record in the future, but it delighted me. I didn't even have to bend the rules and "ask", a technique for which there has been so much advocacy lately.

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