Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thumbs Down to Thumbs Down

By the irresponsible actions of a few voters, I have been forced to implement a new policy for Thumbs Down votes on When you attempt to vote down a post you will now be greeted by this warning:

By voting against this post you are expressing that it is not a topic of Masonic interest. If you disagree with the post, you should instead not vote at all. Repeated violations to this guidline will be grounds to drop your voting privilege. Are you sure you want to vote down this post?

In order to make this policy consistent, all Thumbs Down votes previous to this policy being in place have been nullified. The idea of Voting on KSL was to help improve the flow of Masonic content and be able to recognize excellent content, not to insult our fellow bloggers and Masons.

This policy will be strictly enforced. Thus, there should be no negative numbers for any Masonic-related post. If there is, it will be investigated and dealt with accordingly.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jeff. It reminds me of a ballot for a candidate in a Lodge which is declared rejected because a couple of the guys don't like his sponsor (such is suspected to have been the reason in one Lodge with which I'm familiar).

Justa Mason

The Palmetto Mason said...

Thanks for clarifying the purpose of the thumbs.

Ken said...

I tag on you here Jeff. I visited your site to see where is the latest.

Susan said...

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