Thursday, January 01, 2009

Why is a branch of the KKK trying to use our symbol?

Why is a branch of the KKK trying to use the Triple Tau, a symbol whose historic evolution is well documented to be part of the Holy Royal Arch Degree of the Antients Grand Lodge of England?  Not only that, but they are using explanations of the symbol on their web site which are taken from Masonic authors.

I really think they should come up with their own symbol.  Masonry teaches the Universal Brotherhood of Man, and ought to regard all men as equals regardless of race.


Masonic Traveler said...

hence the problem of not having ownership of the symbols in a registered and trademarked manner.

Its a shame to see it co-opted in this way, but at "least" its not being associated as a masonic symbol of the klan.

AND, its soliciting for a contribution to an LLC. maybe write them a letter and check them on the use. Dollars to donuts the co-opter may have some masonic affiliations.

Magus Masonica said...

I don't believe that the Triple Tau is Masonic exclusive in any way. It is found in many other traditions and as it is a symbol of antiquity it cannot be trademarked.

I found this from the website interesting.

"The first Klan, established in Pulaski, Tennessee was a legally formed fraternal organization that became an underground movement during the reconstruction era after the "Civil War". The underground Klan was disbanded when the reconstruction era closed.

The next incarnation of the Klan was again a legally recognized fraternity. As were all major Klan organizations since reconstruction, those not legally chartered are clandestine and spurious."

Especially the second paragraph. Does it read familiar?

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