Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Apron Styles

I'm working on a profusely illustrated book which will have a chapter devoted to Craft & York Rite aprons in the United States.  I've made an InkScape file with dozens of layers that I can turn on/off to come up with "any" apron design.  It isn't done yet - I haven't drawn all the emblems needed, but I have enough components to begin to demonstrate the basic look and I wanted to run these past you online brethren for feedback.  Do you like how these look?  Some of these combinations shown below are nonsensical, I know that, I'm just turning on/off different layers to demonstrate how things composite together.

Narrow blue edging, lodge "member" apron:
Narrow scarlet edging, Chapter "member" apron (missing emblem on flap):
 Fringe can be added to any of these designs:

Gold thread can be added to the ribbon edges for any of these designs.  Also, taus:

The ribbon width can be increased to 1.5 inch:

The ribbon width can be increased to 2 inch "officer" width.  Tassles can be added under the flap:

The All-seeing Eye on a Lodge Officer's Apron:

That would probably look more standard with silver/white fringe:

Curved flaps are possible too, such as a Past Sovereign Master Apron for AMD (insignia missing):

The ribbon width can be increased to 3 inch "grand officer" width.  The flap can be switched out for this "grand-style flap" where there is no white, and the depth of the flap is decreased to make room for the emblems on the body of the apron.  This example is a Grand Master apron.  The only thing missing is the floral embroidery on the edge and flap:

Do you like the way these renderings look?

I know I still have a lot left to do.  Various embroidery work.  Additional emblems for the flap (Triple Tau in a Triangle in a Circle for Chapter, Broken Triangle and Trowel for Council.)  The embroidered wreath of laurel leaves to enclose Grand Officer emblems.  Oh yeah, and all the emblems for all the various positions.  I also plan to do rosettes as used on European style Lodge and Mark Lodge aprons (positioned where the taus are on the above aprons.)


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