Thursday, July 27, 2006

Masonry as a Refuge

Sometimes I feel like an outcast. I bring it upon myself because I'm just ... very strange. My beliefs are very different from many of the people I associate with. But, I feel comfort in the Lodge some how. I wonder, though, how good of a refuge Masonry really is? How sincere is the brotherhood when it becomes tested? If it is possible to lose this bond while living according to the dictates of your conscience, and according to the laws of the fraternity and the laws of the land, then is there some other place where such a fellowship does exist? We learn that we are first made Masons in our hearts. I guess I'm looking to find what it is that can be written upon our soul, our hearts, that we can cherish and know that it can never, ever be taken from us? Where is that kind of assurance, if anywhere?


Ryan Mercer said...

*nods in agreement*

Greg Stewart said...

Honestly, I don't think that the assurance you describe exists. To me it is like the assurance that tomorrow you won't be hit by a bus, or the converse, win the lottery. Both actions are precipitated by events that lead up to them.

I believe that the fraternity is not broken (so I keep telling myself) but instead worked by imperfect beings who are still humanly faliable. We know where we were first prepaired, but that dosen't mean it stays there for everyone.

chongchong said...

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