Friday, December 22, 2006

Apologies about aggregator confusion!

I need to apologize, for the past ten days or so, has been having troubles with the way it was caching articles, making it appear to some people (depending on the exact url you were viewing the site with) that no new articles were showing up. This has been corrected, and I admonish you to please re-read all the articles from December 10th up until today that you may have missed.


phd thesis writing service said...

Rest guaranteed the discussions have not. We had a little issue with our awful word channel that was sifting all remarks - genuine and non-genuine. For this we earnestly apologize for the perplexity this may have caused everybody.

Mary J Tran said...

Simon and announced that "the academic writer of the offending put up has been suspended indefinitely." simon's open letter to goodman follows.