Monday, December 18, 2006

The First Step

The First Step, by Jeff Day

Bound, cold, and alone,
Within the cell I wait,
To find my destiny.

Four years of training done,
The path ahead is straight,
Though scared, my heart is free.

Three raps, a soft echo,
Not one second late,
Two come to walk with me,
And take me to the gate.

Beyond, a vision rests,
Of life, love and tempest,
A cloistered gathering.

Ringing thrice the gong,
No more will I prolong,
The sacred primal chore.

Hark, yonder sir! I hear,
Step in this boat, and fear
No enemy nor foe,
Stay calm now as we row.

And to the isle we pass,
Moored safely, I proclaim,
Intent to join their ranks.

A firm but steady grasp,
To greater heights we aim,
And climb the steepened banks.

A solid slab of rock,
I'm cast down without shame,
And press my head in thanks,
To speak the oath and name,

With fellows of great fame.


Ryan Mercer said...

Wow, bravo!

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