Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Laurel Lodge is Busy!

I got a couple of comments from some local narcissist Brethren who recently found my blog by Googling their own names. I'm happy to know that some locals are reading.

Laurel Lodge is busy in these next few months.

This evening, March 13, we're holding a Special Communication to confer the Fellowcraft Degree upon Brother Mackintosh and Brother Stokes. I will be delivering the Lecture. I helped arrange the degree team not more than an hour ago, and we managed to pull it together. This is probably the most quickly organized degree I've ever heard of. I'll post back on whether it goes well or not, I believe it will.

Tomorrow evening we hope to confer the Entered Apprentice Degree upon Adam Howard. He is going to be leaving for two years in April so we are trying to accelerate his work to get it done before he goes, since we sat on his petition for quite some time. If we can't do it tomorrow, we're going to hold a Special Communication on Saturday and do it then instead. I will be sitting in the East and doing the Lecture for that degree. I also joked our Brethren for tonight's FC degree and told them that I expect them to have their proficiency ready to pass off by the next evening. What's scary is, they might actually do it!

We will hold another special communication on March 24 to examine Adam on his proficiency and (hopefully) to confer the Fellowcraft degree upon him.

Our Lodge is having a St. Patrick's Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner on March 28, and we will also examine any of our candidates who are prepared on their Fellowcraft proficiencies on that night. We're also balloting on a candidate who petitioned last month.

In April the Shrine Circus in Roseburg is going on the same day that we have our first stated meeting (April 11), so we are taking it easy and having a Master Mason Degree for Adam Howard scheduled for the following Saturday and one for Brother Stokes at our stated communication on the 25th. We will be passing off Adam's Master Mason proficiency before he leaves, if the blessing of heaven can attend us in accomplishing this task.

I counted it up and by my reckoning we have thirteen degrees to confer before this summer.

My personal goal is to become proficient at sitting in the East on all three degrees, and most particularly to become familiar with the part of King Solomon in the Master Mason degree, although being only 25, I feel too young for the part.

I'm excited to see all the new candidates coming into Lodge, and I look forward to working with them in the future as they begin to participate in our degree work.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure that you can do it, Jeff. Most of the officers in Friendship are in their mid 20s, and a few of them can do the degree work like old pros.

No, it's when you get to be an old guy like *cough* me *cough* that you run into the problem memorizing all that stuff.

Best of luck on the upcoming work, too.

Tom Accuosti
The Tao of Masonry