Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My Masonic History

Hearing some of the older Brethren recall exactly which dates they took their degrees, I figured I should document this stuff somewhere.

I was...
Initiated October 23, 2002. (Fourth Wednesday)
Passed November 27, 2002. (Fourth Wednesday)
Raised January 29, 2003. (Fifth Wednesday - I wonder why? This isn't the stated night.)
Laurel Lodge #13 AF&AM of Oregon.

My Entered Apprentice Degree was conferred by:

W.M. Paul Temple
S.W. Ken Karlinger, District Deputy
J.W. Larry Lane
S.D. Robert Mallory
J.D. Russ Howard
S.S. Roy McCoy
J.S. Lynn Masker
Chaplain: Ralph Simmons
Lecture: Dick Grabinski, P.M.
Charge: Lynn Masker
Apron Presented by: Paul Temple

My Fellowcraft Degree was conferred by:

W.M. Larry Lane
S.W. Ed Bouwsema, Worshipful Master
J.W. Ken Karlinger, District Deputy
S.D. Paul Temple
J.D. Robert Mallory
S.S. Roy McCoy
J.S. Lynn Masker
Chaplain: Ralph Simmons
Lecture: Jim Phillips, Past Master
Charge: Lynn Masker

The first section of my Master Mason degree was conferred by:

W.M. Paul Temple
S.W. Larry Lane
J.W. Wes Cooper, Past Master
S.D. Lynn Masker
J.D. Roy McCoy
S.S. Tim Randall
J.S. Russ Howard
Chaplain: Dave Sherman

The second section was conferred by:

K.S. Robert Parkhill, Past Master
S.G.W. Roland Davis, Past Master
S.D. Wes Cooper, Past Master
J.D. Roy McCoy
1st F.C. Robert Mallory
2nd F.C. Clay Jordan, Past Master
3rd F.C. Ken Karlinger, District Deputy
1st R. Jim Phillips, Past Master
2nd R. Ed Bouwsema, Worshipful Master
3rd R. Paul Temple
S.C. Roy McCoy
W.F.M. Roy McCoy
Chaplain: Dave Sherman
Secretary: John Youngquist, Past Master
Lecture: Tim Randall
Charge: Wes Cooper, Past Master
Instructions: Lynn Masker
Presentations: Masonic Pin from Ed Bouwsema, Trowel from Paul Temple

I served as Junior Steward during 2004.
I took a Masonic sabbatical during 2005 ;-)
I served as Senior Steward during 2006.
I am currently serving as Senior Deacon for 2007. (Our Junior Deacon went off to college.)

As a Candidate, I was mentored by Russ Howard. When I started to learn the lectures for the degree work, I was mentored by Delmar Hockersmith, Bob Parkhill, and Paul Temple. Ken Karlinger and Wes Cooper have been quite helpful for the other parts of the work, although I can take to the short dialogue sections quite easily after having heard them a few times.

During 2004 I had done the First Fellowcraft part on the second section of the Master Mason degree a few times, although I no longer have it memorized as well as I used to.

I have also worked as Senior Deacon in the degree work (first section) on the several degrees a few times. During 2004 I had delivered the EA Lecture at least once, and the FC Lecture a couple of times, but I currently need to brush up on them, as they are not properly committed to memory and I am missing words in some places.

I sat in the East for the first time to confer the Entered Apprentice Degree upon my father-in-law, Larry Stokes, and also upon Justus Mackintosh, on December 13, 2006.

I sat in the East at Maple Lodge in Riddle on Monday, February 19, 2007 to confer the First section of the Master Mason degree, and played First Fellowcraft in the second section.

I have been mentoring Justus Mackintosh and Larry Stokes who both passed off their Entered Apprentice proficiencies on February 28, 2007.

I sat in the East at Maple Lodge in Riddle on Monday, March 5, 2007 to confer the First section of the Master Mason degree upon Brother Tom Little, and played First Fellowcraft in the second section.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff! I was wondering where you'd been.

I don't have the names of the people conferring my degrees, although I could get them from the Secretary I suppose.

I was initiated 9/19/2001.
Passed 10/17/2001.
Raised 11/17/2001. That was a Saturday; like your lodge we do not always have degrees on the regular nights. We did this in the late afternoon and made a barbecue dinner out of this. Wives and children came down afterwards for chicken and pork roast.

Six weeks later I was being installed into the Senior Steward's position... and two months ago I became a Past Master. So, now I know everything, but I've got nothing to do.

Tom Accuosti
The Tao of Masonry is now on Wordpress.

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