Sunday, June 01, 2008

I'm glad Masons aren't Bigots.

... usually. *sigh*

I've been having a stressful day. I've been ill for a couple days, but on top of that, I feel like my last post got tarred and feathered, not by any of my Masonic brethren, but by some anonymous drive-by bigot. Well, at least he did the tarring. The feathers came first with a well meaning Mormon chap whom may turn out to be a friend once I get to know him. The thing that is sad to me is that when this kind of thing happens, my regular readers, whose opinions I actually want to hear, probably get turned off by it, and don't want to jump into the line of fire. I don't blame you. I would almost revoke the post or delete the comments if that sort of thing weren't against my personal blogging principles.

Masonry is personal, deep, and can be religious (although it is not a religion), and to each brother unique and profound meanings may be discovered. While the Lodge isn't generally the place to promote these discoveries, there is benefit in sharing them in a forum such as online, when appropriate, as long as we aren't trying to say our idea is the only correct one. I believe I see what my Christian brothers find in the fraternity, and I would love to hear details about what Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Native American, and various types of Pagan brethren find in it. It is a joy to me to see a brother taking the symbols and applying them, and finding greater depth. Moreover, many of the ideas any brother finds may apply, perhaps with some minor adjustments, to my own belief system as well.

Among our Brethren, generally, we have a good respect for one another. I know I feel loved and accepted among my brethren in spite of my odd beliefs. Not all of them know exactly how odd they are, but those that have had discussions with me and do know some of my ideas still treat me with dignity, and never make belittling remarks. Well, usually. There can be a joke now and then, but such is made in good fun, and not meant as an attack, and I don't take it as such.

Why do these anonymous buggers have to come and ruin my day by thrashing on Mormonism and post links to anti-Mormon propaganda when I am clearly not their target? I don't even agree with such basic things as Mormon theology or scriptural canon. You're attacking the wrong guy, you anonymous a$$#@!%s -- but alas, that's not the point! WHY are you attacking anyone? It's rude. It isn't righteous. It makes you look like fools, and it couldn't possibly be helping any religious agenda of your own. You are just trying to pick a fight and be a nuisance. Well, guess what: If that's all your agenda is about then you don't matter at all. You're small, like an ant. I can squish you with my mental power alone.

Brethren, thank you for being with me as I rant.


Anonymous said...

You mean other than yourself, with comments such as
"But unfortunately, the Church has, since that time, corrupted their ceremonies in many ways..."

Of course, this may be due to your mistaken view of freemasonry, claiming that "I therefore believe that, unfortunately, the rituals of today's Freemasonry are more effective than the Mormon Temple rituals from a spiritual, transformative point of view."

You simply show you misunderstand the purpose of freemasonry.

Vulgar language such as "b----r" reflects poorly upon as well.

I do agree that your brothers don't know how unusual your beliefs are.

If you don't wish such responses, don't make such foolish statements bordering on bigotry. You yourself judged another brother's faith. They are just following suit.

Anonymous said...

Brother Jeff,

Unless I've not read enough of the comments to know, I'd not assume the anonymous poster is a Mason. But, if he is, what he is doing is unmasonic.

I'm not expected to agree or disagree with your faith as a Mason. As Mason your faith is your business and not mine.

I'm sorry that you are experiencing intolerance. But, it just further emphasizes the need for Masonic education.

And, on a religious note, my faith tells me that in sharing my faith I'm never supposed to put down others.

You are now noticing why I moderate the comments on my blog.

Tom Accuosti said...

I had my own battles with the religious fundamentalist Antis a couple of years ago. I moderated my comments for a few months and they lost interest and wandered off.

Bro. Jeff, the problem with blogging is that we write something to make a point, but we have no control over the things that people pick up, the things that we weren't really writing about in the first place.

Try not to let them get you down. The GAOTU must have loved idiots - he made so many of them.

Jeff said...

Sadly, Anon is right about my own shortcomings. I have tended to think of "The Church" - probably almost any big Church, not just LDS - as a non-human entity whose decisions are imposed upon her followers, and have been guilty of characterizing its actions with negative words, creating an "us vs. them" picture. Whether right or wrong, some people do make up that mysteries entity or consider themselves part of it in a way that it would be insulting to them for me to say such things. I apologize, and I will try to be a little bit more scholarly and less emotional when describing such things from now on. On the other hand, I feel no remorse for throwing foul language in the direction of any "anonymous" anywhere, when they've said anything to provoke it. ;-)

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