Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Masonic "Clubs" and Masons-at-Heart

I was listening to back-episodes of The X-Oriente Podcast and was intrigued by two things I heard in an interview with the then-Grand Master of Masons in Illinois.

1. The idea of Masonic "clubs" existing at Universities. Not Lodges, not able to confer any degree work, but with Masonry as a topic, and welcoming those interested to learn more about its history. Contrast this with the typical college fraternities. This seems like an excellent idea to open the knowledge of the fraternity to young people who would be interested in learning of it.

2. If I remember correctly, it was stated that the GL of Illinois receives somewhere around 15 emails a week from people online who are interested in the Masonic fraternity. And, most of these are in the age of 18 to 30. This tells us where our ripe avenue of anxious Mason-at-heart are waiting. We need to tap this resource as a fraternity.

The X-Oriente podcast is excellent, and shows that some hard work and dedication went into making it, and I encourage all of you to listen to it as you have time.

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