Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Blogger Recent Comments

For anyone who has been feeling jealous of my Recent Comments sidebar module, a feature which is scarce to be achieved with Blogger, I am pleased to announce that it is now freely available for anyone using Blogger from this site. Just sign up, go to Recent Comments for Blogger, click "Add", copy and paste the generated address into your Blog's "Comment Notification Email" and copy and paste the Javascript snippet into your Blog Template. That's it! Enjoy.


Jeff said...

This comment is just practice to show that it works.

Tom Accuosti said...

Jeff, my sidebar is on the right side. Would you happen to know how I could put the Recent Comments on the left side? That would make it even cooler!

The Tao of Masonry

Jeff said...

Tom, since you use one of the fixed-width blogger templates, it would take some major re-tooling of the template to accomplish that.

My personal recommendation would be to drop your "About Me" section down below your Archives section, and put the recent comments at the very top of the current sidebar, right above Previous Posts. This should generate the most interaction between your users, and is also a good way to revive some old posts. (When someone comments on an old one, it is suddenly back in the spotlight.)

Anonymous said...

I just got an email from these brothers - The Radical Rosicrucian Reformation Front. They are a break-away from the Knights of the North. Apparently they are out of Michigan.

They plan to plug up all the toilets in Masonic buildings and give away free brownies made out of Ex-Lax until their demands are heard.

I'm serious and not joking. That's what the email says!

They are demaning change now.

Tom Accuosti said...

Jeff, I put the code in my sidebar, but no comments are being registered. I made my own comment, then I gave it some time for the feeds, but I think I'm doing something wrong. Am I supposed to change something in the code to point it to my own blog?

Anon: there seem to be a lot of break-away Masonic groups these days. Maybe I should start my own.

The Tao of Masonry

Tom Accuosti said...

Never mind, I overlooked something. My comments are working.

I've tweaked my template for the sizes, but it took me a while to experiment with things, since my HTML knowledge is 'way outdated. I'll probabably leave it there for a bit before I start tweaking the positions.

The Tao of Masonry

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