Wednesday, January 02, 2008

AMD: III - Masters of Tyre

If you haven't done so yet, read my Introduction to the Allied Masonic Degrees, to which this post is a follow-up.

This most impressive degree commences in the Court of Hiram King of Tyre, who receives a request from King Solomon for assistance in building the Temple. Hiram of Tyre composes a congratulatory letter in return, and sends the requested assistance along with a skilled craftsman named Hiram Abiff.

This degree, therefore, gives an explanation to how two of our "Ancient Grand Masters" became associated with the other one, King Solomon, in the building of the Temple, and allows us to visualize circumstances which were merely mentioned in the Lecture of the Master Mason Degree.

The second section of this degree takes place in a quarry near Jerusalem. Bodies of this degree are styled Quarries.

Events that take place after the death of Hiram Abiff are also included in this degree, and it is so interwoven with the time-line of the Master Mason degree, that it almost seems as though one is observing the Master Mason Degree from a different person's perspective.

In commemoration of Hiram Abiff, who was a Tyrian by habitation, but an Israelite by birth (his mother was of the tribe of Naphtali), Hiram, King of Tyre founds a new order, the Masters of Tyre, to memorialize our departed Grand Master.

This degree is unique in being from a Tyrian perspective such that Hiram King of Tyre presides in the East.

I haven't seen it put on yet, but from my study of it, I believe this to be my favorite of all the Allied Masonic Degrees.


John said...

This was originally to be a separate body, such as the Order of the Secret Monitor and Royal Ark Mariner are in the U.K. It was started in N.C. by J. Ray Shute, who was instrumental in starting the AMD as it is in the U.S. The Grand Lodge of NC declared it to be an irregular Masonic body, so he moved it to a degree of the AMD. There still exist original Charters for the Quarries of those bodies.

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