Sunday, December 30, 2007

Introduction to the Allied Masonic Degrees

The Allied Masonic Degrees is an invitational Masonic body for Royal Arch Masons which meets in Councils for the purpose of research and study. Each council is limited to 27 members and controls ten degrees which at one time in history were detached Masonic side-degrees. Whether any or all of these degrees are worked (conferred) is up to each individual Council. The degrees do not have degree numbers, but I have numbered them based on the chronological order of their various "stories."
AMD also controls the Red Branch of Eri, an Irish order of Knighthood that is conferred as an honorary order upon AMD brethren in recognition of their service.

Over the next ten days I will be posting a short explanation of each of these degrees and the history of their development.


Anonymous said...

There is one at Manasseh and Herndon, and I assume one or two in Arlington. I'm a member at Sinclair in Manasseh. It's great. We're very laid back, the focus is less on ritual and more on brief programs and fellowship. Its an actual relaxing meeting. To see more info please visit

lenacockrell said...

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