Monday, July 31, 2006

King Solomon's Lodge Aggregator

Hey there! I have just set up a new blog aggregator and Masonic information site at where I am combining together RSS and Atom feeds from various blogs written by Masons or about Freemasonry. I hope this is useful. If you would like to recommend a feed to be added, please post it as a comment to this post and I will try to get it put in the listings.

The qualifications are:
  • No blogs comprised of Anti-Masonic rhetoric will be included.
  • These blogs should often contains posts about subjects of Masonic interest.
  • I'm not so concerned about "regularity" in the listings here, as Masons can make those determinations according to their own local processes.


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Ken said...

I like the scraper you've setup... Very handy tool.

You should go to Google news and setup scrapings for "Masonic" and "Freemasonry" too so we will get updates from any news sources.

I've got another website ... It's a new project I'm working on called the "International Traveling Gavel"

Keep up the good work, I'll add the site to my blogroll next time I update the template.

What is with the lines that scratch through some posts?

Jeff said...

Ken, thanks for ths tips. I'll go check out what Google might be able to do for us.

The scratched out posts are the ones you've already read. (visited links) I thought that would be a better visual clue than just changing the color, since people often like to read up on everything new.

Ken said...

Understood... It's a bit funny, because I view every post on my own blog, all were scratched out the first time I visited. Made me scratch my head because it wasn't the typical, "You've clicked this link before" sort of feel :)

Jeff said...

Ken, I've now added a Google news feed into the front page under "Masonic News", thanks for this excellent idea!

Ken said...

You're welcome and Thank you. I do the same thing with Google Reader to find new article related to Masonry in the papers :o)

Ken said...

I just wanted to ask, are you scraping direct from my blog, or from Feedburner? If you could, would you please scape from Feedburner, it helps me keep stats.

My feed burner URLS are:

Thank you :)

Jeff said...

Ken, I am now scraping both blogs from Feedburner. Thanks for letting me know.

Pi. said...

Blog including Masonic posts in English from Europe.

Anonymous said...

I really like the aggregator as well. But, one of the blogs listed doesn't seem to really be about Freemasonry.

The "Modern Freemasonic Journal" seems to be almost entirely a rant against Christians.

I'm not telling you how to run your site but, I'm not sure a site that is primarily about religion is really a Masonic blog given that Masons don't discuss religion in lodge and don't take sides for or against any particular religions as an organization.

Jeff said...

Dear Anonymous,

I have been thinking about your comment for several hours now. It is a difficult subject. I understand your concern. However, I must say you are wrong in one of your statements:

"... Masons don't discuss religion in lodge and don't take sides for or against any particular religions as an organization."

I beg to differ. Freemasonry as an organization does not take sides for or against any religion (or political candidates). But, as an individual Mason, it is very nearly our duty to do so, as we are admonished to study the Volume of Sacred Law and live according to our own faith, we are also encouraged to be active in our communities and to vote if we live in a land where we are given that privilege. We most certainly should (or at least may) take a side FOR a good religion of our choosing (or for a political platform), as individual Masons, of course, and not as a corporate decision.

Masonry also seems consistent in its stand for freedom in many ways. I believe our brother at Modern Freemasonic Journal has the right to freely express himself on these most important matters, outside of Lodge, of course. To the best of my knowledge, he is not raising these issues within his Lodge, and thus, Harmony is still able to prevail there.

Also, Brother Darren has expressed his own religious views as recently as July 30th including and commencing with the following:

"1) I believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ, as the only incarnate son of God and author of my spiritual salvation."

That sounds about as Christian as you can get. I think Brother Darren's views on Christianity are probably unique and divergant from the commonly accepted views. Perhaps he has been a little harsh in speaking towards certain Christian trends or groups, indeed, perhaps a little too harsh, but as a Christian, I think it is his also his right and duty to strive to perfect his own faith, and help others. It would be a little different if he was ranting against Muslims, or Buddhists, but since he shares a common spiritual turf with the rest of Christianity, it only seems the most human and natural thing for him to be seeking to "protect his territory" in that way.

I love to read the views of all my Masonic brethren. Albert Pike, of old, had much to say regarding Politics, bordering on partisan, another subject forbidden in Lodge, and yet several of his books remain defacto Masonic classics.

Rather than use censorship, that cursed beast of a policy, to remove Darren's voice, perhaps it would be better to approach him as a Brother, and see if he could recognize that his words have injured one of his fellows. I bet he would readily apologize for the harm, and gladly be more careful in his future statements to better respect the beliefs of others while still being able to strongly proclaim his own.

Regarding the typical subjects Darren has been posting on, I see them as typical of the Masonic interests of our current time period. With popular fiction like The Da Vinci Code, and National Treasure fresh on our minds, Masonry has become linked at least in a romantic way to divergant or alternate views of history and particularly religious history. We have always been the subject of conspiracy theories by anyone who spends decent time weaving them, and I see no reason why an individual Mason would not want to speak up on the subjects to state his own views on these types of subjects, either for or against, rather than let everyone else speak in his behalf as he watches in silence.

I think Christian Master Masons have an advantage perhaps over some other Christian men, because of our general open-mindedness and natural attraction towards history... we may serve some small purpose in helping to integrate new and future discoveries regarding history into the theology of our various faiths, and help prevent strict dogmatism from leading those faith systems down a road to stagnant irrelevancy and ultimate destruction.

Whoa, I got weird there. ;-) But, what I'm saying is: Our voices need to be heard, and we especially should respect our own Brethren and be willing to listen to them. This does not mean we need to agree with everything they say, but by listening, we should be able to expect the same courtesy in return from them.

Bro. Luke said...

There's Socklabs Blog ( and
Cory's Masonic Journal (

Anonymous said...

Given that your own blog states that blogs seem to be over-balanced towards irregular Masons, why do you list all them in your blog lists?

Doesn't that contribute to the misunderstanding you are concerned about?

cmh said...

I'm posting occasional musings on Freemasonry and OES at The Empty Labyrinth:

Thanks :)

Jeff said...

Thanks for the links folks, I'll look them over. As to Mr. Anonymous's comment, I am trying to list Masonic-themed content on the web in my blog listings. I have chosen not to bias my listing based on regularity because I have no clean-cut way to verify each individual... For example (fictional) "Joe's Masonic Musings" would not tell me anything about what affiliations this person has, unless I read in detail the postings on their blog and then make assumptions that they are telling the truth, etc. I have instead decided to list everything that seems to have a decent amount of Masonic content thus reflecting the balance that exists on the Internet as a whole. Putting myself in a position of an index rather than being a censor. I don't want to skew the results myself, but in this post I am just calling on people out there to actually weigh in so that the results on the whole Internet become more balanced.

Anonymous said...

My goal is to have at least 50% content specific to Freemasonry and hopefully the rest will be interesting to Masons. I only found one similar blog to my own when I was originally thinking of becoming a Mason and I think my story will be interesting for many.

traveler said...

I have recently started a blog, and would like to have it included. It is still very basic, however I plan to add more content as time goes. The address is:

Traveling Man said...

If possible, I would like to add my blog to the list. The link is:

Roald Atle Furre said...


More than 7400 masonic and related shotcuts

A Must 4 Masons WorldWide

Roald Atle Furre

fromdarknesstolight said...

I have started a blog about my Masonic journey, I would like to be included as well:

Mesureur357 said...

I have started a blog in french about freemasonry and I would like to add it to the list :


Seeker of Light said...

I would appreciate you adding my new blog to your list!

Thank you!

Rui Bandeira said...

Jeff, pleased to read you! How about to consider to aggregate to "King Solomon's Lodge" a masonic blog in PORTUGUESE?
IT's title is A PARTIR PEDRA (which means "cutting the stone"), its adres is and it written by Master Masons belonging to the Portuguese Lodge Mestre Affonso Domingues.
I Know portuguese is a language not much known in U.S.A., but nevertheless there are quite a few speakers living in the States: Portuguese, Braziliens, Africans from Angola, Mozambique or Cabo Verde. And those who understand spanish can easily get into portuguese, because those are very similar languages...

Wayfaring Man said...

I have thrown my hat into the Masonic blog ring. I am a master mason in Kansas.

My blog may be found at:

If you would include it in your aggregator, I would be grateful.
Yours F & S,

Prexy said...

I would like for my blog to be included, if possible.
The address is

Thank you.

jackdirt said...

Hi Jeff,
Would you add our site to your roll


We have done earlier posts on masonry including a documentary video game


I. Coffey said...

Good day Jeff,

I am Isaiah Coffey and I hail from W.C. Thomas 112 (PHA), Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Georgia. I was recommended to your site by another Blogger (Freemason's Corner) and I would like to have my blog added to your list; if you don't mind. My blog is titled Kingdom of Conscience. The link would be
I hope that this e-mail finds you in the best of health and spirits. May G-d's peace and blessing be upon you and your family. Travel well and Light.

Brother I. Coffey
W.C. Thomas 112
MWPHGL of Georgia

I. Coffey said...

Oh, I forgot to post my feeds,

Atom -


The site (Kingdom of Conscience) is -

Travel well and Light,

Brother I. Coffey
W.C. Thomas 112
MWPHGL of Georgia

Jeff said...

Brethren and Friends,

Thank you for all the blog suggestions. I have added all to the KSL Aggregator, with the exception of which I did not find sufficiently Masonic or having frequent enough Masonic topics to include, but I did include it on the Zebby Esoterica Aggregator where I think it fits in quite nicely.

Keep up the good blogging!

Masonic Observer said...

Please consider my blog:

It is new (very new) 4/7/2007....

I plan to grow it with regular posts....

Thanks, M.O.

Bruno said...

PS Review of Freemasonry

RSS News Feed

-Latest Masonic Papers published on-line
-Masonic News, Conferences and Events

read more:

Jim said...

I would love to be included if you think my content is relevent.

I registered "" and I have it pointing to a section on my site where I also post lots of tips related to topics that interest me. I'm not yet a mason, but I recently submitted my petition. I now sitting back and spending "a time of waiting and patience" while the process rolls forward. I initially set up to be a blog of my experience through freemasonry, but eventually, I want to expand it to include pointers to online and offline masonic information and resources and include tips that I may feel relevent to freemasonry.

The site is:

The RSS feed is:

-Jim Barr

David said...

Hello Jeff.

I would like my new Blog, Linlithgowshire Mason, to be considered for inclusion within King Solomons Lodge listings. It can be found here:

Let me know what you think.

Bro.David Munro.

Royce Myers said...

You may include my blog if you like:

It's just a spot to record my thoughts about freemasonry as I learn the craft.

Barry said...

Please consider my blog:

Sarastro said...

I just started a new blog at:


I'd love to be added to your blogosphere! Thanks!

Mike Bryant said...

Hi- great site! Please consider adding my blog at Feed is

Brother Mac said...

Please include my site in your roll.


Also, would there be a way to post the html for your button codes?

Mike said...


Please include my Lodge's website in your listing.


Young Mason said...

Hi there, please take a look at my blog, and perhaps add it to your aggregator, if you think it worthwhile.


Young Mason said...

Should have added that my blog is

Anonymous said...

Brother Jeff,

My blog, Freemasonry Resources has move to


Tim Bonney

Master Mason said...


My blog is located at

Charles Tirrell said...

Hi there,

I would like to throw my Masonic Blog into the mix.

Masonic Renassiance

Thanks :)

aedifico42 said...

Love the pic...very Crowley.
Just starting-out at
I have lots of kinks to work-out, but I hope to be added to your list. Besides, one day I want to be as cool as you are.

Scott Arnold said...

I started a blog up last month and just came across your scraper. Its a very handy resource! If you would be so kind as to include my blog Resurrexion, I would appreciate it; the information is as follows:

feed via feedburner:

I also have an ATOM feed located at if the feedburner link doesn't work for some reason.


Robert A. Bussey said...


From the newest Lodge in Boston, MA

Anonymous said...

A blog i came across...might want to add to aggregator. It is by bro christian ratliff. thanks and more power.

bro jerry

munkholt said...

Currently blogging about masonic travels and personal growth; but there's also a log of my journey into freemasonry.


Robert A. Bussey said...

Jason A. Mitchell said...

I have moved my blog from to arslatomorum. The feed is

David Peronnet, RA said...

Please consider my blog for inclusion. It does not have a masonic name but I do try and tune Masonry in with my profession of Architecture.

Thank You

Ambling Scrooge said...

From the North Eastern Corner said...

I hope you enjoy it.

Duane said...

My name is Duane Mathes, and I'm a Master Mason (doing Scottish Rite next week, yahoo!), Senior Deacon of Sun Moon Lodge #13 here in Taiwan. I've recently started a blog about personal development and becoming a better person, and although I've only written a handful of posts I will be covering a number of Masonic topics as well, especially as a go through my journey as a Mason. We have a very small lodge here in Taichung, so progression through ranks happens pretty quickly, and I'm going to be Master of the lodge in two years. I think that will give me a wide amount of topics to cover.

In any case, I am hoping that although not every one of my posts will be Masonic in nature, I can still be considered for inclusion in your Masonic Blogs list.

Thanks for your consideration,
Duane Mathes

Jay Simser said...

Hello, My blog is not strictly Masonic but I have a lot of Masonic post on it. I call it Bailey's Buddy and it can be found at
I also do one for the Des Moines Consistory at:
my e-mail is
Thanks for considering them

A.C. said...

I've been blogging about my decision to join the Masons and the petitioning process at

(So far, it amounts to a lot of posts written while waiting to hear from the lodge. :))


A.C. said...

Sorry, I should have added, the feed address is

Mark said...

Please consider my Masonic blog for inclusion on your site. The blog is part of my MySpace page:

If it were to have a title, it would be "MySpace The Square and Compasses Masonic Blog"

Thank you for putting together this weblog aggregator--it is really great.

--Mark Koltko-Rivera

binaryburn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A Traveller to the East said...

Please add this blog to your aggregator:

Name: 21st Century Freemasonry


Purpose: The fomenting of an online revolution that will help Freemasonry come to refocus on inner development and esoteric growth.

The Plumbline said...

I've been motivated by other Masonic bloggers to create my own based on my own experiences as a young Master Mason. I would love to be aggregated by your feed. The URL is:

and the feed is:

Thanks for the consideration.

Gingerman said...

I would like to get my blog listed on King Solomon's Lodge:


Steve said...

please and thank you. I'll put yours up regardless.

Bryan Allan said...

Does your lodge have a website? If not take a look at - If you can type, you can create and manage your own website with ease.

Running your Lodge means keeping members in touch with all sorts of information: from summonses and minutes to social events and member contact details. This can now all be accomplished more efficiently and cost-effectively by having a website than by using the post. So LodgeSpace has been created to make building a website for your Lodge quick and easy - and all for just £99. Best of all, you can set your LodgeSpace up in minutes, then add information to each individual page when time allows - or get the relevant Lodge members to keep their own pages updated. said...

I would love it if you would add my blog and website to the webring.


Druid said...

justin from maryland with a blog on MD freemasonry....


binaryburn said...

Please add my masonic blog.

Silence Dogood said...

Please list it if you feel it is appropriate.

munkholt said...

I have now moved the contents of Grail Quest from Squarespace to:

Please change the link – and thank you for this great service!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from a Master Mason in Illinois. My blog is entitled "Hymn of the Pearl", and is located at:

Thank you for your consideration.


Peter Clatworthy said...

Greetings from The Grand Lodge of All England at York.

Here is our official blog site.

Many thanks,

Peter Clatworthy

Hamilton said...


Here's another blog that frequently has posts of Masonic interest.


Nimrod said...

Hello Brother. I really enjoy visiting King Solomon's Lodge. I have just started a blog and would appreciate it if you considered adding this to your feed. Thank you.

Nimrod said...

Ehh sorry, it probably would have helped if I posted the direct link, thanks again.

The Sanctum Sanctorum said...

We are a thriving collective of active, involved, regular and proud North American Freemasons who have gathered together to build and advance our ancient Craft on the internet.

Thank you for your consideration. Nice work here, Brother.

Gingerman said...

How can I get my blog included on the King Solomon's Lodge Aggregator?


Richard E Kauffman said...

Just started blog to try to tie our Lodges in northern Michigan together and bring us into this century.

Great resources on your end.

Johnny Valentino said...

Bother's of King Solomon, please post my blog's link in your blog area.

This blog is designed to discuss different study guides, and historical literature that provides the foundation for our Fraternity.

Even if you don't list my blog, please give me permission to list your banner.

Respectfully, Bro Johnny Valentino, 33

The Sanctum Sanctorum said...

My Brother,

re: and our forum upgrade.

We're getting a great platform for our forum, and will be incorporating our blog as rss feed into it, as well as yours and a few others. Therefore no, we are continuing to publish our new blog and have had some nice articles so far. We have some nice surprises in store as well, so stick around.

I'm just about to post tonight in fact.

We've also had tremendous growth as well as quality conversations in our new private forum. You're of course welcome to stop by. Give us a few days to work out the new bugs, although I've been on today and it's great! I'm excited.

Here's another one of our faces on the web:

So as you can see we are a group of busy little bees.

Paterson Burns

Radcliffe said...

Salaam,Brother picked up your site from darkness to light. My site is a bit off the beaten track, lemme know about the link list

Squire Bentley said...

Old time Mason, new blogger. Please take a look at:

Let me know what you think. I would enjoy being listed on your site!

Noonshyne said...

My blog is not very active, but would like more viewers to inspire me!

thoughts in space

Anonymous said...

Please feel free to list my blog. I am a Mason, residing in Iraq. We have masonry here.

Anonymous said...

Please feel free to list my blog. I am a Mason, residing in Iraq. We have masonry here.

L Tzu said...

Hi I have a Masonic blog I have just started. I would be honored if you accept it.


Thai Freemason News & Events said...

Hey Brother! Love the idea of promoting Masonic blogs. I'd like to include my blog, It's basically, news, events and commentary on the Masonic scene in Thailand. Thailand offers the world's most diverse Masonic community. We have lodges from six different Grand Lodges working in three languages. In addition to information on stated meetings, I also try to alert my readers of special events. Occassionally I pontificate on issues of great importance (at least from my opinion).

So, please check it out.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

It has been suggested the following blog be added to your roll:

It has been quietly around for a number of months.

Anonymous said...

I would like to submit this italian masonic blog:

The feed address is:

It's the Weblog of an italian masonic Lodge.
Thank you for your help to add the site to your aggregator.

Br. Paolo

Anonymous said...

I would like to submit this italian masonic blog:

The feed address is:

It's the Weblog of an italian masonic Lodge.
Thank you for your help to add the site to your aggregator.

Br. Paolo

Lee said...

A Brother mentioned this site to me. It looks realy good.

Please consider my blog:


Freestyle said...


The 3 Ruffians would be very excited indeed if you would add our blog to your Lodge. We are already avid readers!

Our site is

Feed is

I hope you will find us to be a welcome addition. We promise not to bring Tyler cookies inside.

Brother Free

Allen said...

hello. Could you please add a link to my blog:freemason-t? Could you also add That is where you can find original Masonic apparel and gifts.


Allen Rohl

modernMason said...

We'd very much like to be added to your excellent resource here!



Many thanks for continued your work on this incredible resource.


Anonymous said...

I've created a new masonic blog.
It wants to offer a discussion point to brothers of differents brotherhoods.
The web address:


Thank you

Paolo said...

I've created a new masonic blog.
It wants to offer a discussion point to brothers of differents brotherhoods.
The web address:


Thank you

Anonymous said...

Here is my blog

Go on add it you know you want to!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little confused as to how to go about getting my blog added so I'll just submit it here.



The Palmetto Bug said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Palmetto Bug said...

I would like for my new Masonic blog to be included in your listing. It is called "The Masonic Line" and can be found at:

Many thanks.

Light Seeker said...

I'm starting my journey into freemasonry and would like my blog to be included in your listings.

Thank you

The Palmetto Bug said...

I appreciate you for adding The Masonic Line ( your listing and for your recent comment to my "Ballot" article.

How do I go about having the comments from my site added to your "Recent Comments" list at King Solomon's Lodge?

Anonymous said...

There's a real problem now that you've changed your click-on-a-page command from your site.

If I click on a Masonic site which requires word verification to post a comment, the image with the letters I require to type to leave a comment do not appear.

That means I have to go to the site directly if I want to post a comment.

Some sites have a sound icon, but it's useless if I'm listening to something or recording.

M.M.M. From the North Eastern Corner said...

Ditto to what Justa Mason said. Also one of my favorite things to do was to sit on my porch at night smoking a cigar and going to KSL on my blackberry and reading the blogs. Since you changed to your new format I cannot do this! Even when signed in I cannot click on the links to the blogs, it just returns me to the list.
Jeff, you have the best masonic aggregator around but its now less functional to me. Help Help.

Jeff said...

MMM and Justa,

My readership has gone up by about 15 people daily since I made the change. I'm not going to entirely revert what I've done, because I also hooked into it in order to make the FEEDJIT map and popular pages list work on the main page. But, I have added two features that I hope will work around your problem.

The first is a small "X" link in the upper right corner of the frame. If you click this, it should eliminate the frame. It was showing up, but wasn't working last week for logged-in users due to a coding mistake I made, but it is fixed now.

The second feature is this: Log in, and in the upper right corner you now have a "My Account" link. Click that, and you can disable the frame for your account.

I hope this helps!

Ben Rowe said...

Bro Jeff

You were very kind to add Middlesex Fire to the blog aggregator before - you may not have noticed, however, that I've now changed the blog title and URL to 'The Chequered Carpet' - which can be found at

Please do change it across if consider me worthy!!

As a side note, I know we had a lot of contact earlier in the year, with a bit of blog and e-mail tennis - so do get back in touch!

ben (at) chequered-carpet (dot)

Regards, S&F


Anthony Williams said...

Bro Jeff,

I would like to submit my blog for consideration for the list...

the site is
and there is an RSS feed at

with many thanks
Yours S&F,

Jay Simser said...

I would like to submit my blog for consideration

MysteryDad said...

I guess my blog would fit into your Directory. Will place your tag onto it right away. Great find, I am still surfing on your Site, thats just toooooo much Information for today. Happy to see that there is a site like this.
My Site is:
And you can find the feed at

Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Hello Brother,
I think my link doesn't work.
Blog link:

Feed link:

Your aggregato don't display my articles...
Could you check?

Thank you

L Tzu said...

Hell Brother,

Will you add my blog to your list? or works as well.


Sirius Lodge

Anonymous said...

Jeff, I guess I should give you my comment feed. It's


The Millennial Freemason said...

Time to follow Justa,
Here is my comment feed
Thanks Jeff.

Jeff said...

Millennial Freemason comment feed has been added. Justa: Although I haven't clearly outlined this anywhere, the comment feeds are a sort of "bonus feature" for those blogs who display the KSL banner on their sidebar. If you add our banner, I'll add your comment feed (and you also get "bolded" in the list of aggregated blogs.)

The Palmetto Bug said...

I think I'm too dumb to figure out what my comment feed is. But the King Solomon banner has been displayed at since very soon after its creation.

Val W. Finnell, MD, MPH said...

Greetings. I recently started blogging about DeMolay and Freemasonry and would like my blog included in the aggregagor:



Thanks. I will put you in my Blogroll once listed.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, sorry this wasn't done earlier. I've now put the logo on my page.

PBug, I imagine your comment URL is


M. Palmer said...

Pleased to have a Brother who knew about you...

Happy to meet...

Anonymous said...

RSS is Very easy, it's a No Brainer for a Webmaster. Check out

Justa Mason said...

Hi, Jeff. Let me know if you're getting my comment feed okay. I've put the KS logo on my blog.


Esquire said...

I would be interested in having my Masonic blog listed. The URL is


Trevor Twining said...

As per your request, I'd be happy for you to add my blog.

Trevor Twining said...

well, it would probably help more if I put the feed link here instead of the blog URL, so here goes

Esquire said...

Here's my Masonic blog url and feed address:


Stewart said...

Please add my blog I will go ahead and add your link to my blog. Thank You

Peter Clatworthy said...

We would be most grateful if you would link to our Blog.

Here is the feed:

This Blog is for the serious Masonic researcher. It contains articles that are designed to make you think.

AMJ said...


I would like our lodge website to be present at King Solomon´s Lodge Aggregator.

It is a website with RSS feeds available. Please link to


Anonymous said...

This is a Freemasonry podcast I haven't seen listed on King Solomon's: The Masonic Awareness Committee (
It is on iTunes too...

Esquire said...

How long does it take to get listed? Here's my url and feed address again:


Gran Capitolo dei LL.MM. dell'Arco Reale in Italia del Rito di York said...

I want to add the Blog ARCO YORK RITE OF REAL in your aggregator. I have already written several days ago, but without result. There sending addresses.


Anonymous said...

I want to add my personal masonic blog in your aggregator,

My blog:

My feeds:

My e.mail is

Gran Capitolo dei LL.MM. dell'Arco Reale in Italia del Rito di York said...

new communication. I want to add the Blog ARCO YORK RITE OF REAL in your aggregator. I have already written several days ago, but without result. There sending addresses.

Zenadir said...

new communication. I want to add the Blog Dallo Zenith al Nadir in your aggregator. I have already written several days ago, but without result. There sending addresses.
My blog:

Anonymous said...

New communication.
I write you my podcast address:


AChristianMason said...

Tim said...

trying to make a difference

J. Hawfield said...

Please consider Masonic Matrix - Masonic Lodge Directory as an addition to your links section.

Using our Global Mapping API you can locate virtually every Masonic Lodge within the United States and Canada, as well as Grand Lodges internationally.

Also note we have an automated link exchange:

JLH - Admin

Ronnie King said...


I am new to blogging, don't know all the terms. I have started a blog to chart my year in the Chair of my Lodge. I would like to add this to your list.

Blog is at


Bro Ronnie King PM ME
Lodge Dunedin Caritas No.1316 (SC)

Stephen Dafoe said...

I have revised my blog and, although not specific to Freemasonry, it deals with a subject of interest to Freemasons.

The Templar History Blog

Feed is -

Magpie Mason said...

Brethren, for your consideration: The Magpie Mason.

A running collection of reportage, reviews and ruminations updated frequently.

Jim said...

Jeff, I hate to use this comment to contact you about the site, but I could not find any other way to contact you.

Anyway, you write at the top of the Home page that you "have added the ability to select your language to view only blogs and news in the chosen language."

I cannot find any settings, buttons, links, or otherwise that let me filter on a specific language. All posts are listed with a language tag in front which does help, but from the way you describe the new feature, I figured that I could filter on a specific language.

Can you please clarify this?


-Jim Barr

Mt. Rushmore 220 said...

Would you mind adding our Lodge's blog to your aggregator? It can be found at

googlemaps said...

I'd like to submit for consideration.


Anonymous said...

Would you kindly consider adding my blog to your site?

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Canadian Freemasonry Blog said...

Take a peak at my masonic blog, focused more on Canadian content, but Freemasonry in general as well @

Brother Alexander Sives said...

Masonic Network is the internet's first Mason only social networking site.

We have launched a public blog which can be viewed at

The RSS link feed is at

If any regularly initiated mason would like to join the actual network then please email me at

Fellow Traveler said...


Masonic Regalia Guy said...

Hi Brother!

Thanks for bringing all this information together. Here's my bit of contribution:

Blog url:

Feed url:

Logia Simbólica Manco Cápac 35 said...

Hello Bro.

I would like my new Blog, Rincon Mancocapino, to be considered for inclusion within King Solomons Lodge listings. It can be found here:

Let me know what you think.

Bro.Luis Rene Vallenas.

47th Problem of Euclid said...

Hello Brother:

Please add my blog to your list:

Thank you,

47th Problem of Euclid.

Anonymous said...


Please consider for inclusion in your aggregator. You can find the site at and the RSS feed at


Due East said...


I would first like to say I love what you are doing here.

I am the webmaster of Vulcan Lodge in AL. and was hoping you would consider aggregating or feed.
Our website address is:
Our feed address is:
Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Anonymous said...


Perhaps you would consider my blog at :

This blog is only a matter of days old and could do with hthe benfit of comments and posts.

Thomas Hendrickson said...

I would like you to consider my blog.

Thank you
Tom Hendrickson

Memphis Mason said...

I have really enjoyed reading the blogs post at kingsolomonslodge. It is nice to have a collection of blog to go to.

I would like for you to consider my blog.

Bro. Jason Maness

lightseeker said...

Can you add my blog please!

Anonymous said...

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The Palmetto Bug said...

I would like to see my new blog listed on King Solomon's blog aggregator. It can be found at:

Thanks in advance and for your very useful service.

Crônicas de um Camelo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Crônicas de um Camelo said...


I present here my blog and forum about freemasonry.

Portuguese, Brazilian languages.



Thank you and T.'.A.'.F.'.


Larry L. Young said...

Great service! My blog is located at and the feed is at

The Palmetto Bug said...

Trying again:

I would like to see my new blog listed on King Solomon's blog aggregator. It can be found at:

Thanks in advance and for your very useful service.

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Administrator said...

Great idea. Please consider our blog up the good work.

Administrator said...

Please consider adding our blog: Rgds Bro C

Crônicas de um Camelo said...


Here the link of my masonic forum:


L Tzu said...

I dimited from GOUSA and have deleted my blog at

Just wanted to say thanks and to let you know you can remove it from King Solomon's


Lao Tzu

Derek Cheek said...

my blog is

Anonymous said...

An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

Karim - Positive thinking

masonicleader said...

I would like my blog site considered for addition to your list

Thanks for your consideration.
Mike Clevenger

J.Luis Castañeda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Movable Jewel is returning!

Thank you sir.

J.Luis Castañeda said...

I am a MM and SS at Multnomah Lodge No. 1 AF&AM of Oregon and would like to have my blog added to your aggregator.

masonicleader said...

Would you please consider adding my blog to your website. Thank you.

The MasonicLeader Leadership Blog

Mike Clevenger

Matthew said...

Please add my blog to the listing.

Matthew Szewczyk
Harmony #9

Anonymous said...

Here is the feed to Movable Jewel


Thank You!

Mike said...

new blog from a soon-to-be-initiated (Feb 18) guy in central Iowa.

3D said...

I'd like to submit my new blog for consideration. My goal is to post something once or twice per week.

Freemason said...

Please add


Thank you,

Keystone Sourcing said...

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J. said... - please readd me.

Quarryman said...

I would be interested in getting my new blog on the list. It is at


2 BOWL CAIN said...

Martin said...

Grand Orient USA said...

Please include the new Universal Freemasonry blog in King Solomons list of blogs.

Hiram Abiff said...

Please add my blog to your aggregator:

or the feed:

Thank you, Brother.

Mark Tensmeyer said...

Hey I started a blog for new Masons at please add me to your Aggregator.

Mark Tensmeyer
Eagle Rock #19
Idaho Falls, ID

Anonymous said...

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Create Attraction With Women said...

I hope this is useful. If you would like to recommend a feed to be added, please post it as a comment to this post and I will try to get it put in the listings.

Bill Wojtas said...

My Blog about My adventures in Masonry in Chicago.

Do Own Website said...

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Tom Accuosti said...

Hey Jeff -

I know I haven't posted much lately, but did my blog completely fall off your aggregate?

The Tao of Masonry

Note that I used to be on Blogger, but last year I switched to my own hosting. Perhaps that's when it stopped showing up?

Happy New Year, bro!

Quarryman said...

Hey there,

Just wondering if you had a chance to review my site: The Work on The Trestleboard

~Bro. Steve

Anonymous said...

I'd be honored if you could list our museum web page in the links section, or on the front page:

Henry W. Coil Library and Museum of Freemasonry


Henry W. Coil Library and Museum
Grand Lodge of F. & A.M. of California

Anonymous said...


We are a new Masonic Website that will have Masonic Papers and Essays as well as a blog concerning Masonic information:


rstar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rstar said...

I would like my blog considered for the aggregator. It is a blog that details my experience from learning about freemasonry to my journey to the decision to petition, and will continue after my initiation in June of this year.

Here is my feed address:
My Blog address is

Universal Garage Remote said...

The scrapper you set up looks great. And I agree with you Jeff, I also think that mason's has never discussed religion more so on taking sides.

Tommy Desmond said...

Great work Brother!
We'd love if you took a look at our site over at Detroit No. 2...

Anonymous said...

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